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Unexploded mines are still a serious problem throughout the world. Moreover, the clearance is very dangerous and costly. But Bart Weegens, from Belgium found a solution - a trained opossum. On the taming of the animal takes about a year. Using the operating time of Pavlov, the rats develop a stable relationship smell of explosives and rewards - of bananas and peanuts.

Gray soldiers "give odds to the rest of the technologies and animals that were used to clear areas of unexploded mines, as
rat in contrast to a trained dog, even stepping on a mine, because of the small weight will not cause detonation of the charge, and besides, the new recruits will be no shortage, because female opossum carries up to ten litters a year. The very same process is very simple - rats (to ensure finding all the mines at one site consistently run up to three individuals) with a guide comb a certain area and found the charge sits at the top and scratch his paws. Further, people already neutralizes the charge.
This program was initiated by the Belgian Office for International Cooperation in 2004. When the initial training in rats has shown positive results, it was decided to postpone Research Center in Tanzania in East Africa, in conditions close to real. So the team is now working at the University of Agriculture of Tanzania. Using "HeroRATS" in Mozambique, has allowed more than a thousand families to return their land.They also helped with the clearing of areas through which the power line - communication restored and energy to again provide more than ten thousand local residents. The plans unit operations in Zambia, Congo and Angola. Such a beast that's wonderful, it turns out. But that's not all: in Africa marsupial rats kept as pets, and even eat. But as for me, option in clearing minefields and saving thousands of lives is no less attractive.

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