City of the Future in Canada

City’s future in Canada! The future has already occurred. Modern life with all the advantages in various areas of life, brings worries and troubles. One of them is living space in mega cities. Many mega-cities already have huge problems with the upcoming large number of people from rural and rural areas are coming in search of a better life. How can the problem of choice is one of the fundamental issues in the functioning of mega cities. Huge money is invested in temporary and not always the best solution, because a short lifetime. We need something new, something originally, permanently.There are many solutions that exist but only on paper. Here is a real and built and it is a village in the testing phase of life in it. It is very elegant and artistic properly resolved with the quality provided and compiled from persisting and resistant materials. It is Montreal, Canada. Design of the settlement not only solves the problem with space but also gives the soul and way too much gray and identical buildings, not only because of its shape but also because of the possibility of a combination of colors on each side of this unusual settlement is unique in the world.

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