The largest building of playing cards in the world

Who said that the playing cards, only used to play ?
As we were using and we were young to build small houses, used by some adults to build large homes ! When we say big, we are talking about the use of building 281792.

Imagine that it was used more nearly quarter of a million on top of each other to build this building without the use of any means to install such as gum or....
Where American architect Brian broke the world record in the building playing cards To enter the Guinness Book of Records in building a miniature model of the hotel using the 218 792 of Playing cards.

Under Brian worked for 44 days to complete the construction which a width of 10 meters and And a height of 3 meters and the use of 44 stacks of playing cards

Brian says that the construction project cards Very similar to the process of a real building, Because you must be planning to place each sheet of paper so that they can withstand higher!

The idea of construction and installation of any non-traditional tools is a great idea to encourage innovation and creativity.

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