Ten most expensive hotels in the world

Are often far our wishes when we travel is to search for a good place to live, contains the essentials that we need such as bedroom, clean, TV, and if there is an internet connection will be a great advantage, but there are many people who do not stop their ambitions at these basics, but extended to include room Steam and massage beds and visible location on the stunning views there is nothing wrong side of these things from a private jet.

To consider together the world where the rich spend their nights through the list of ten most expensive hotels in the world, starting from the cheapest:

10-Presidential Suite - Raffles Hotel - Beijing
Average price: 14.000 U.S. dollars per night 

Extends over an area of 880 square meters, and contains a gymnasium and a small theater and take the sixth and seventh floors of the hotel entirety.

9- Royal Suite - Hotel George V of the Four Seasons - Paris:
Average price: 16.000 U.S. dollars per night.

Has a private garden and rooms full of old-fashioned furniture, and contains a marble entrance, full kitchen, bath separately.

8- Suite Vindom - Park Hyatt Hotel - Paris:
Average price: 25.000 U.S. dollars per night

Parisian beauty is embodied in this wing of the hotel Btaulat and a balcony area of 60 square meters overlooking the Palace Vindom. 

7- Suite Ritz - Carlton Hotel - Moscow:
Average price: 25.000 U.S. dollars per night. 

Has windows stretching from floor to ceiling to give a visible location on the Red Square, and marble bathrooms amazing next to the hotel.

6- Wing of the bridge - the island of Atlantis - Bahamas:
Average price: 29.000 U.S. dollars per night. 

 Sat the former TV presenter Michael Jackson and Oprah. It contains many of the rooms and links between the two buildings, which form the hotel, and contains the Bishop of marble and mirrors, and grand piano and breathtaking views of the Commission on the island of Atlantis.

5- Royal Wing - Burj Al Arab - Dubai:
Average price: 33.000 U.S. dollars per night.

Contains the stairs of marble and gold, especially Simba and leopard skin rugs and a bed with four rotating menus.

4- Ty Warner Penthouse - Four Seasons Hotel - New York:
Average price: 41.000 U.S. dollars per night.
Located at an altitude of 52 stories above Manhattan, and includes a river of ancient China with the tub is huge and Maslp crystal, and a library decorated with plants, painted gold, grand piano, and the room make up the Fjdranha paneled stone Eye of the Tiger, with a small waterfall pouring in the Meditation Room and calf leather covers the walls in the changing room. Dazzling will not stop here, but add to all this is that its walls inlaid with pearls and gold, windows 25 feet high there is no need to talk about the driver and another car model to serve you at any time.
3- Villa sky Henfr - Palm - Las Vegas:
Average price: 43.000 U.S. dollars per night.

Consists of two floors on an area of 10 thousand square feet and of course you can imagine what could be a, so content area: a gymnasium complete with rooms with a special character and a transparent glass elevator and the family of rotary and large screens.

2- Royal Villa - the large resort _ Athens:
Average price: 50.000 U.S. dollars per night. 

Contain anything that could be dreamed of by a person well-being, the beginning of the heated swimming pools and steam rooms to private beaches, not to mention served only special but there are more than that.
1-Royal Wing Royal penthouse Hotel President Wilson, Geneva:
Average price: 53.000 U.S. dollars per night. 

Located on an area of 460 square meters, a spectacular view of Mount Moon. And a grand piano, carpets, silk Persians and the dining room can accommodate 26 people and a library of masterpieces of books.
The hotel is ideal for world leaders on a visit to Geneva, it was equipped with surveillance cameras, and the doors and windows armed as well as the buttons beside the bed for emergencies, and the bullet-proof windows.

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